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General terms and conditions


1.    The customer acknowledges having read these general terms and conditions of sale and by placing his order, accepts these general terms and conditions in full, without any reservations and without the right to challenge them, regardless of any conflicting general terms and conditions of his own.

2.    The delivery terms given are purely indicative and are provided for information purposes only, without any obligation on the part of the BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA.  Late delivery cannot therefore give rise to compensation or the withdrawal or cancellation of the order.  With every order placed, the customer should pay an advance at least 50% of the total price to be invoiced. BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA reserves the right to request an additional advance for the order. In this case, the amount of additional advance should be indicated in the quotation.

3.    Payment is made in cash upon delivery. Should the transaction be subject to VAT and invoicing in respect of the customer, then the invoice is payable immediately, at the latest 30 days after the date of invoicing.  Any delay in payment after the due date will give rise to interest at an annual rate of 12%, automatically and without prior formal notice.

4.    In addition to the aforementioned, standard interest, non-payment by the stipulated due date will give rise, automatically and without prior formal notice, to fixed compensation of 10% of the amount of the invoice, with a minimum of EUR 50.

5.    In the event of non--payment or any failure to comply with the terms and conditions of payment by the customer, BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA has the right to halt all further deliveries. Under all circumstances, BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA reserves a right of lien until payment is full has been made.

6.    Cancellation of an order or part of an order will always give rise to compensation for the costs already actually incurred and compensation for loss of earnings on the order or on the part of the order that has been withdrawn.

7.    In order to be valid, all complaints should be sent within eight days of receipt, by recorded delivery.  After this period, complaints will no longer be accepted.  The submission of a complaint does not under any circumstances constitute a reason to defer or refuse payment or compensation.

8.    In the event of inaccuracies or incompleteness, the goods may be exchanged, but BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA does not bear any further responsibility and cannot be obliged to do more than exchange the goods. No returns will be accepted without prior agreement.

9.    Goods will not, however, be exchanged owing to usual and acceptable divergences in light, colour and quality. These should be tolerated by the customer.

10.    The goods are delivered at the risk of the customer and BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA will not incur any responsibility for damage during transport, irrespective of the nature or cause thereof.

11.    Under no circumstances does BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA accept any liability for hidden defects. In cases, where the liability of BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA may be incurred, this is always limited to a maximum of the amount invoiced for the goods which are the subject of the dispute.

12.    In the event of a dispute or disagreement, the courts of the legal district of Leuven shall have sole jurisdiction to hear the matter.

13.    Negatives, slides and other original image carriers as well as drawings, designs and models always remain the property of BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA until otherwise agreed in writing. The user of the images and designs produced by BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA, is obliged to pay the normal copyright fee to BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA on his own initiative, without this being requested by BACKSTAGE-SERVICE BVBA.

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