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Cast + laminate: high quality foil to make car wraps
Clearview: this is a transparant foil for windows
Easy to use: everybody can paste this foil, and it is easy to remove
Floor: floorsticker with antislip laminate
High Tack: foil to paste on difficult ground expl: painting, plastics,...
Monomer: temporarily use
Monomer + laminate: for indoor or temporarily outdoor applications
One way vision: a foil with holes for carwindows or windows, transparant from dark to light and opaque from light to dark
Polymer + laminate MAT: long application with a mat view
Polymer + laminate GLOSS: long application with a glossy view
Polymer + laminate SATIN: long application with a satin view
Translucent: foil for illuminated advertising or windows (a high percentage light)
Transparant: Almost full transparant foil
Sandblast effect foil: film which gives a view sandblasted, mainly applied to windows
Self-adhesive textile: textile for walls, stands the ulltimate textile look
Self-adhesive blockout: textile for walls, stands the ulltimate textile look, blockout function hides the colordifferences for grounds
Static foil: whitout adhesive, static atracted to the ground.


Blue back: paper for advertising with a light blue backing for camouflage for the ground
Canvas: for canvasframes or other applications
Pet Roll-Up: a polyester for Roll-Up systems (can be used in windmasters, klikframes,...)
Pet Pop-Up: a polyester for Pop-Up systems (a thicker version of the Pet Roll-Up)
Photopaper: quality paper for fotoprint
Posterpaper: paper for advertising
Translucent Pet: illuminating applications like lampshades, illuminated advertising,...


Aluminium sandwichpanel 2-3-4 mm: two thin aluminium lacquered plates with a plastic core (Type Dibond)
Acrylate: Opal or transparant plexi in 3-4-5-6 or 10 mm
PVC foam panel: available in different thicknesses (most common are 1-3-5-8 and 10 mm)
Pet 1mm: thin transparant polyester


Backlite: a translucent banner matiral for illuminated advertising
Block-out 400: a banner wich does not let light out
Block-out 700 R/V: a banner wich does not let light out for recto/verso printing
Frontlite banner: banner material
Promo frontlite: promotional banner material for short or indoor applications
Mesh: banner with holes that is transparant and weight much less, usually used for canvasses and fences to buildings


Artex: wallpaper to place with wallpaper glue for heavy wallpaper to 5m large
Artex Block-out: plastic wallpaper to place wallpaper glue for heavy to 5m large with blockout back for camouflage colourdifferences on the ground
Blockout Textile: Textile fabric that lets in no light (very nice alternative to classy Roll-Ups)
Carpet: printable carpet
Decor textilebanner: for walls and false walls (used with aluminium profiles)
Event Carpet: white version of printable carpet for better colours
Micro-Backlite: textilebanner tranparancy (used with aluminium profiles)
Printfloor: printable linolium
Satin Banner 205gr: a metallic silver textile for interior applications
Flag: a fine polyester for flags